Wednesday, 30 November 2011


The names have been counted and verified and the results are in. The stallholders that will be proudly peddling  their printed produce on Saturday are...

Sugar Paper Gang
OWT Creative
Faye Johnson
Rebecca Crompton
Dylan Hughes
Darren Adcock
Pascal Nichols
Salford Illustration
Bryony Jackson
Hannah Gibson
Christopher Conner
David Bailey

Do check out the stallholders list to the right to visit the artists' websites.

And if that's not enough whet your whistle then please apply yourself on the day to CAKE-A-RAMA for instant nourishment and refreshment from Meg and Laura. Their tea-room heralds the return of the 50p tea, toasted tea cakes, cinnamon muffins, mince pies and more. Stocks are limited so fill up while you can. 

To conclude, Salford Zine Fair's PRINTOMANIA is happening this Saturday 3rd December 11am-5pm at,

The Gallery of the Chapel Street and Hope United Reformed Church
144 Chapel Street
M6 6AF

We'll be situated just across the road from Salford Central train station and a short jaunt on foot from Deansgate. Find us on google maps here!

Spread the word and come on down!

Any questions then please do get in touch, salfordzinefair at gmail dot com.

Pascal Nichols

Last but certainly not least, we are tres excited to announce Pascal Nichols (Manchester) will be stalling at Saturday's PRINTOMANIA! Pascal is a personal favourite of mine and rumour has it he is lobbying between the drawing desk and the printers to yield fresh produce for Saturday. Expect black ink intricacy, as if applied with sharpened stick, medieval future thinking and straight up mad skills.

Check out Pascal's site here!

Hannah Gibson

Welcome artist Hannah Gibson to the Printomania roll call! Hannah will be breaking out from the grounds of Salford University to present her prints, handmade festive pieces and more besides!

Check out Hannah's site here!

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Salford University Illustration

Behold the second coming of the Salford University Illustration posse, a hundred arms and a hundred legs combine to offer a bevvy of printed matter from zines to prints to comics to cards and much besides. Steered by the immaculate illustration force that is Robert Shadbolt, these young up and comers will be sure to wow the crowds at Saturday's Printomania! 

Check out more of the Salford Illustration talent here!

Dylan Hughes and DBA

Very excited to announce that illustrators Dylan Hughes (Manchester) and DBA (Manchester) will be sharing a stall at Saturday's PRINTOMANIAAAA! 

Dylan Hughes is an all-conquering returning hero from the first Salford Zine Fair. If you don't know the legend then allow me to introduce Dylan. He's a print king, one of my personal favourite illustrators in Manchester right now. Expect layer-deep vibrant colours with immaculate lines and crude oddities. Prints so rare they defy editions, each is a beast unto it's own. Award-winning penmanship with a gift for humouring the viewer. All too essential that Dylan is at Printomania, he's a one-man print maniac.

DBA (Darren Brian Adcock) is a pen and ink wizard. We're super excited to have DBA aboard at Printomania as he's a prolific pen finger and this rare public appearance heralds a golden chance to get your hands on a black and white print of majestic intricacy. Lots are in the know about Darren's talents already but Saturday will project his prints from his desk to your wall, don't miss this opportunity!

Check out DBA's work here!

OWT Creative

We are proud to announce OWT Creative will be stalling at this Saturday's PRINTOMANIA! All-conquering heroes from the first ever Salford Zine Fair return for our second event. If you don't know OWT then where have you been the past year or so? Super prolific North-West based collective who pump out a high-end zine each month with an unwavering attention to the fine details and fine production values. OWT reel in the best of the up and comers and come and get mes of the North West's creative output, be it design or illustration, photography or other. OWT have got it covered. Each issue is like a journal unto itself. They'll be there at Printomania touting their 9th instalment, highlights from their back catalogue and prints galore.

Check out the OWT Creative site here!

Christopher Conner

We are pleased to welcome designer Christopher Conner to our esteemed list of stallholders for Saturday's (yes, this Saturday folks!) fair. Christopher promises to bring his "The Remakes" collection to Printomania and for this we are most glad. The Remakes is Christopher's film poster reeeemix project, taking films of yore and revamping film posters with graphic pizazz, hot dog! Come along on Saturday and take home Jaws, Back to the Future pt 2 or even In Bruges. Hollywood baby!

Check Christopher's website here!

Friday, 25 November 2011

Bryony Jackson and David Bailey

 Bryony Jackson (Manchester) is an impeccable artist from the famous hotbed of talents that is Manchester School of Art's Illustration with Animation course. Qualifying from the course last year, Bryony has been busy lino printing largely with side swipes in to screenprinting and model/mogul/monster making. Always innovative, always eye-popping. Spy her illustrations on the latest covers of Sugar Paper and The Shrieking Violet.

Check out Bryony's website here!

David Bailey is a vintage/gone off illustrator from the Manchester Met Illustration with Animation course. He's been making posters (largely inkjet, occasionally screenprinted, mostly A3) in and around Manchester over the past seven years or so. We can't really write anything nice about him because this is he writing this. David (me) also runs the self-published book shop, Good Grief!. I'll have prints, t-shirts and tote bags at PRINTOMANIA!

See my website here!

Printomania poster by David Bailey

See more of David's work here

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Rebecca Crompton and Faye Johnson

We are delirious to announce that illustrators Rebecca Crompton and Faye Johnson will be joining us for Print-O-Mania. Recent graduates of the Manchester School of Art Illustration course, Faye and Rebecca have embarked on a greetings card endeavour; the cream of which you can see below! Alongside these extra special seasonal cards, expect prints and maybe some zines too. Very excited.

Check out Faye and Rebecca's cards here!

Check out Faye Johnson's website here!

Check out Rebecca Crompton's website here!

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Sugar Paper Gang

Behold, the great reveal! Keep your beadies here for the steady trickle of PRINTOMANIA stallholders being unveiled. First up, we've got the super great...

Sugar Paper Gang!

Sugar Paper Gang is Seleena Daye (Manchester) and Kandy Diamond (Chesterfield), they make a superior bi-annual craft zine called Sugar Paper. Each instalment of Sugar Paper is a real event, jam packed as it is with "20 things to make and do". These guys are pros, they really know what they're doing and it shines through in each issue. The imagination, the inspiration, the zest, better than all the rest. Issue 8 will be fresh off the press at PRINTOMANIA, it stars a lino-printed cover by Bryony Jackson and includes pieces on taxidermy, cookie recipes, knitted slippers and more more more. Alongside the Sugar Paper catalogue expect stickers, bags, kits and who knows what. We're very pleased to have Sugar Paper gang at Printomania!

Wednesday, 9 November 2011


Salford Xmas Zine Fair presents
Contemporary Printables

Saturday 3rd Dec
Chapel Gallery
144 Chapel Street,
Salford M6 6AF    
Get a table for £10