Friday, 29 April 2011

Leeds Met Contemporary Art and Graphic Design

...will be at the fair! We're very excited for their arrival because we know of a couple of the students' works already and it's very good. Ventral is Golden no less and White White Brown Twig! Long time stock favourite of Good Grief. Sure there will be lots to gorge over. Expect this kind of thing and more...

See more of the Leeds Metropolitan Contemporary Art and Graphic Design course here

And thus concludes our pre-fair blogging. All the stallholders are now on here, have a look down through the entries and come see the real thing tomorrow 11am - 6pm!

We'll be tweeting it through the day with pictures and stuff so check out the Salford Zine Fair twitter

Royal-Tea Cafe

Drinking in the latest top of the range printed matter can be thirsty work, this we know. And so, alongside the zine fair tomorrow (!!) there will be a Royal-Tea Cafe!

God bless the Queen Mum.

Laura and Megan are busy baking and readying the Royal-Tea Cafe - they'll be serving homemade cakes and scones with a distinctively royal feel. There'll be tea and coffee too. We've had a royal leak about which cakes are invited and they include Queen Victoria Sponge, Flapjack a la Fergie, Prince Harry's Ginger bread, Lord Litchfield lemon cake.  Whoop!

Alongside the edibles and drinkables, there will also be a limited selection of Mr.PS tea towels available for purchase, including a tongue-in-cheek Royal Wedding Breakfast souvenir.

Much encouraged! See you tomorrow

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Bare Bones

Our illustrator eagle eye, Robert, has managed to procure a small pile of copies of the latest Bare Bones newspaper-format free zine. Coming from the same stable as Le Gun, if you've not seen an issue of Bare Bones, it's of a similarly high quality. That is to say, it's wicked. Get there fast on Saturday to bag a copy!

Check out the Le Gun guys here

OWT Creative

We've got that 5-piece prolific north-west zine outfit, OWT Creative, down for Salford Zine Fair. They're blazing a trail at the moment with monthly zine releases showcasing the design talent around right now. Up to issue 5 I believe, they'll certainly have a stack of a back catalogue for the fair.

Get more OWT here

John Butcher

Markmaker, printmaker and movershaker John Butcher will be holding a selection of fine fine prints at Salford Zine Fair. For this we are very excited!

See more of John Butcher's work here


Manchester screenprinter and illustrator wildman SAVWO will be in attendance at SALZIFO, sharing a stall with John Butcher and Dylan Hughes. Some are already calling this lot the holy print trinity. Savwo is prolific and of a very high grade, a quick scan through his tumblr will have you gagging for the physical format. He promises to come stocked to the fair with a fistful of prints and a bevvy of t-shirts. Feast it!

See more of Savwo here

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Dylan Hughes

Salford Zine Fair is very many excited to have Dylan Hughes on board for our big day. Dylan is one of the finest illustrators working in Manchester right now (IMHO), a real beast when it comes to inking and screenprinting as the below images surely testify. Hallelujah! We're anticipating a colourful array of healthy abstractions with a side salad of sploodge.

Have a look at more of Dylan's work here

Museums Press

Most pleased to announce that the phenomenal Museums Press will be stocking out a stall at the first Salford Zine Fair. Museums Press is currently housed in Manchester and is incredibly prolific with a serious eye for quality control. 2011 has been a rich year thus far with Museums releasing three zines a month alongside prints and the bumper package "Museums Three". To date they have released the motherloads from Keith Shore, Damien Correll, Etka, Matthew Feyld, Ryan De La Hoz, Megan Whitmarsh, Harmen De Hoop, Michael Crowe, Jessica Higgins, Matthew Walkerdine and many more! 

Learn lots more about Museums Press here

Bryony Jackson

Bryony Jackson is an artist currently arting in Manchester. She makes wonderful drawings, paintings, prints and toys. Bryony will be sharing a stall with Good Grief! at the zine fair and will be packing a bevvy of zines, cards, prints and maybe even 3D effects.

See more of Bryony's work here