Friday, 29 April 2011

Royal-Tea Cafe

Drinking in the latest top of the range printed matter can be thirsty work, this we know. And so, alongside the zine fair tomorrow (!!) there will be a Royal-Tea Cafe!

God bless the Queen Mum.

Laura and Megan are busy baking and readying the Royal-Tea Cafe - they'll be serving homemade cakes and scones with a distinctively royal feel. There'll be tea and coffee too. We've had a royal leak about which cakes are invited and they include Queen Victoria Sponge, Flapjack a la Fergie, Prince Harry's Ginger bread, Lord Litchfield lemon cake.  Whoop!

Alongside the edibles and drinkables, there will also be a limited selection of Mr.PS tea towels available for purchase, including a tongue-in-cheek Royal Wedding Breakfast souvenir.

Much encouraged! See you tomorrow

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